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Have you been looking for a bullet security camera? This article gives insight of the best products that are well known for their great work. These items are termed to be the best by customers who have seen the great importance they serve in keeping updates of security in their environments. They come in affordable prices.

10. Amcrest proHD Outdoor 4 Megapixel POE Bullet IP Security Camera

Amcrest proHD outdoor 4 megapixel POE bullet IP security camera

This device offers superior HD 4 megapixel video resolution with record and playback feature. It is a power over Ethernet product that requires POE injector to operate and give significant expected results. The item gives an opportunity to have quick power over Ethernet setup via android smartphone, iPhone using its amcrest view app and be able to stream directly to your tablet, apple mac, window PC. Comes with other features such as intelligent digital zoom, remarkable field of view and IR LED night vision up to 98 feet.

9. COOAU Wireless Home Security Camera

COOAU wireless home security camera

the equipment gives you a stunning full HD 1280 by 720 video and live view offering superior clarity of the of the images. Stream live progress of your environments in your tablet, mobile device windows PC and easily installs and configures where you only plug and just play with close view enhanced by CAMHI app. features a longer power cable making it more convenient. Its waterproof degree goes up to IP66 with durable and stable operation in terrible weather conditions. Get a view of you home proceedings even night enhanced by 36 infrared LEDs and night vision up to 49 feet.

8. INKERSCOOP Security Camera

INKERSCOOP Security Camera

It is a device that installs easily with just plug and play where it’s one connection entails power connection and linking it to the 3G or 4G network. You need one app which is iSmart view pro that gives you remote view of your surrounding through android phone, Mac pc, iPad and iPhone. Features a night vision and motion detectors allowing you to view and record live video even in complete darkness. Experience superior high quality H.264 video compression format with maximum clarity giving out 1280 by 720 HD quality output. Its casing is super waterproof grade hence suitable in windy, sand storming and raining environments.

7. IP Security Camera Savvy Pixel 4MP Wireless WIFI Security Camera

IP Security Camera Savvy Pixel 4MP Wireless WIFI Security Camera

This device comes in 4.0 megapixel resolution with high definition of 2688 by 1520 high definition. Experience easy power over Ethernet installation. With WIFI inbuilt feature that gives you a chance to link it to your viewing device. Have clear night and day view. It comes with a built-in microphone and speaker.

6. Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 4 Megapixel POE Bullet IP Security Camera

Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 4 Megapixel POE Bullet IP Security Camera

Get an opportunity to have remarkable field of view with wide 83 degree viewing angle. This product offers you intelligent digital zoom that brings closer the surrounding. Advancement of night vision is feature is up to 164 feet view. This device offers you a chance to video recording and also play back streaming via windows, mac pc tablet and smartphone.

5. Reolink4mp HD/5GHZ Dual Band Wifi Wireless Security IP Camera

Reolink4mp HD/5GHZ Dual Band Wifi Wireless S Security IP Camera

This is a dual mode wireless device which supports 2.4 G and 5 G WI-Fi comes with built-in and fixed 16GB micro SD card. The item supports motion detection video recording. Features 4X optical motorized zoom lens which enables 36-100 degree view angle and also offering 36 pcs LED night vision of up to 110ft. it uses reolink mobile app which is easy to use and automatically searches and add it to your tablet and mobile phone.

4. Foscam FI98800P Outdoor720P HD Security IP Camera

Foscam FI98800P Outdoor720P HD Security IP Camera

The equipment give you an opportunity to draw close everything in one place. It is IP66 weatherproof device that ensures recording proceeds without damage or interruption in rain, snow or sleet. Never worry about the security of your property its app enhances you to have remote and instant access viewing. Video in this item is securely streamed in stunning 720p detail giving you a lively experience. Uniquely the app of this product gives alerts when somebody is at your doorsteps.

3. Reolink 4MP Super HD 2.4 / 5 GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera

Reolink 4MP Super HD 2.4 / 5 GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera

The device can easily be installed indoor and outdoor because of its cabling its highly presentable giving more options that make you not face problems of signal loss and interference. It offers excellent night vision with good night image quality. Designing is highly advanced that you will never doubt it during adverse weather conditions such as rain or comes with an inbuilt 16Gm card that is meant for you to store recorded data.

2. REOLINK IP ProE Security Camera

REOLINK IP ProE Security Camera

This good is powered by one Ethernet cable without power cable hence minimizing need for more wires. It is highly flexible and great to install offering very fast and stable data transmissions without signal loss and less interference and disruptions. Recording options gives you a chance to record and schedule recording too.

1. Zmodo. Outdoor Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera System

Zmodo. Outdoor Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera System

It is a full 720p HD video product that you can see more clearly and a detailed image during the day and night. The item is IP65 weather proof that installing indoor and outdoor will not put you into threats that snows and rains are on. Features in easy and quick setup where you only need to have the app and link it with the camera and have view all over.


Do not search anymore and also worry on how to have control of your property security since either of the above is meant to address more functions in your house or business. These items are designed to be durable and give significant results. Consider purchasing one of the above and be assured that you will never regret because it will never fail.

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