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Vacuum cleaners are devices that are used to clean by use of air pump. Leaving the surface clean from dirt and dust. They exist in different sizes and models that can be utilized for domestic purposes or commercial for large corporates. The vacuums have a dust bag that holds the sucked dust and dirt for later disposal and is always powered by a battery and with self-propelled trucks for contaminated soil and large spills.

10. Miele C1

Miele C1

Miele is a comfortable floor head vacuum cleaner which is highly recommended for most domestic and middle pile carpets with a parquet twister for cleaning smooth surfaces. It comes with a stainless steel wand, a wide radius, dusting brush, a long nozzle, and a fabric held in place. It has an air steam with a roller that rotates the brush for excellent cleaning that removes even threads and hair from your carpets.

9. Miele C3

Miele C3

Get this product that comes with a rotating roller brush which is air driven to clean the dust and dirt on your floor making your house sparkling clean. It comes with a twister that rotates freely on your smooth surface leaving it clean and admirable without a lot of movement. This vacuum also comes with a stainless steel wand and a long cord which rewinds automatically and cleaning a spacious place at once.

8. Miele C2

Miele C2

Have is a six-stage suction control cleaner with an air driven roller brush that rotates while cleaning. With every purchase, the vacuum comes with a rug for cleaning your floor, a nozzle that can move up to 180 degrees making a broad range of radius to be cleaned at once. It also comes with an automatic electric cord, stainless steel wand, suction control, a dusting brush and a bumper. C2 is very light in weight.

7. Miele Classic C1

Miele Classic C1

This model of vacuum has a power control knob that will always assist while using it with a perfect filtration. It has a decent bag that controls dust and dirt before disposing of it, and its filters can be cleaned so easily before replacing the same. It comes with a dusting brush, a nozzle which is straight that enables you to clean so well. It is so easy to use it in different parts of the house since it can even is your stairs.

6. Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil

This is a strong vacuum cleaner with a metal plate brush which is very convenient for cleaning your carpets and even bare floors. It is capable of picking litter with ease with an adjustable hose that can be made longer or shorter as per your preference. It comes with a power control for perfect suction and an electric cord that rewinds. With every purchase, the buyer gets a brush for dusting, crack tool and a nozzle for your floor.

5. Bissell 1161

Bissell 1161

Bissell is a compact and light vacuum cleaner which protect your surfaces as it cleans it without any mark of rubber wheels. While using it, one can control power and suction by just a fingertip while cleaning surfaces that are delicate, with a tank at the button for easy emptying without any mess to your floor again. One can store it easily thanks to its compact design and move it around the house.

4. Eureka


The fantastic feature about this is that it is lightweight with a telescoping pole and has a decent suction making it easy to move around the house and is capable of cleaning even the small spots. It has an onboard cleaning tool which works well on the floor, rug areas, stairs and also upholstery. Its cleaning tools are at the top of the canister making its storage to be easy. It comes in different colors to choose from.



Bissell Zing is a light vacuum cleaner making it so easy to move around as you clean on the surface and even on stairs. It comes with a carrying handle which makes working with it effortless being that it is also light with a telescoping wand for comfortable moving it around and when you are done with the cleaning the cord automatically rewinds. They are always low to the ground with a long hose which allows you to use it without bending.



Zing Canister is lightweight vacuum which is recommended for whole home cleaning with a compact design which makes it easy to carry around while going to clean somewhere apart from your home or even within your house, upstairs and other rooms. It has various suction making it capable of cleaning other fabrics. It has a detachable canister that makes your work easy while cleaning hard reach areas and stairs.

1. Eureka Mighty Mite

Eureka Mighty Mite

Eureka Mite vacuum is light and cleans your bare floors, tiles and even wooden floor perfectly giving you a value for your purchase. It is accompanied by brush rolls to help you while cleaning areas along the stairs and other hidden areas which the whole machine cannot penetrate, the brush is always at the top of the box. Eureka Mite cleans so fast and quick giving perfect results.


Vacuum cleaners help keep our environment clean, and most purchase comes with various tools to assist in the cleaning like brushes, extension wands that enable them to reach different places in the house. They come with buttons and multiple suction that help controls the machine while on use.

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