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The hand truck is a handcart with wheels at its base for movement and handles at an end and are usually made in an L-shape with a ledge for putting object flat against the floor. Hand trucks are highly recommended for moving objects since they are easy to operate. Most of the trucks have wheels for easy movement up and down and can assist you even up the stairs making a movement of large loads easier and faster than just using your hands. Hand trucks are made of top grade materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic.

10. Milwaukee


Milwaukee hand trucks are light in weight and can easily be converted to various positions like vertically and horizontally according to the size and the weight of the object one would like to move. Milwaukee trucks are made of high-quality materials which are rust proof and durable, like fiberglass with a reinforced nylon which is very light.

9. Safco Products

Safco Products

Safco truck has a folding handle that folds down the deck to fit perfectly in any car while you are planning to use it somewhere else. It is highly recommended for tough jobs since it has a wide plate and can be operated using one or both hands. Safco is made of high-quality materials that are durable with solid wheels that have bearings for support and movement up the stairs.



Royi is made of high-quality materials which are durable with a wide base for carrying heavy objects without being damaged since it balances the object perfectly that it does not shake while moving the truck. This item is very light in weight and can be folded so quickly after use for storage. It is made of quality wheels which are durable and does not make any noise while on use.

7. Cosco


This product is easy to use with heavy duty wheels that are flat free making its move to be more comfortable and secure. It is effortless to install and fits so perfectly that the user does not strain or cause any fatigue while using it, it limits once chances of injury since it balances so perfectly even if the load is heavy. The truck can be operated using one hand or both and still works perfectly without any straining.

6. Harper Trucks

Harper Trucks

This is a USA products which are made of high-quality materials which are assembled in the factory for long life. The truck is very light with a rust resistant frame and can easily be converted from 2 wheels truck to a four-wheel cart when the load is hefty and needs a table base balance. Its wheels are made of solid rubber with an inbuilt stair glides to ease your movement up the stairs.

5. Welcom MC2S

Welcom MC2S

These products are light and still holds heavy objects with ease. It has a long handle which can be folded to fit well in any car while traveling. With the assistance of its rubber wheels, it rolls smoothly on surfaces and can be used up the stairs without straining. It has solid rubber wheels which are durable with a heavy loading plate that can be folded so easy for keeping after use and can fit in any trunk.

4. UpCart


Have this hand truck that has a three wheel chassis that helps you move up the stairs carrying your groceries without any straining. It comes with an adjustable handle that makes you reduce it to a height of your own choice and reduce it for easy storage. It is very stable while on use with the assistance of its three wheels reducing injuries and minimizes straining while moving to different levels of surfaces.

3. Cosco


Cosco trucks can be used in three different ways in moving objects like wheel cart. It is made of quality materials that last long with heavy duty loading capacity, two wheels and a hand truck that helps in movement in various surfaces. It is effortless to operate and install since it does not have any pin or tool to fix it. It can be operated using one hand or even both hands as preferred by the user.

2. Cosco Shifter

Cosco Shifter

This shifter truck is capable of moving big objects of various shapes on different surfaces in the house or even in the office’s premises. Apart from moving the objects, it also lifts them up for easy storage. Thanks to its multi-position design, which converts to a two wheel hand truck of four wheel cart without any difficulty. Since it does not need any tool or pin to do so, all one needs to do is just to fold its horse.

1. Magna Cart

Magna Cart

This is the best product in this section because of its telescoping handle which is adjustable made of premium materials that do not rust, a broad base made of aluminum and solid wheels made of rubber that does not require air for making your movement easy without any straining. The truck can be folded flat for easy storage and movement and can be used in offices, at home or even while you are traveling.


Hand trucks always make our movements so smooth that it is recommended that everyone should be having at least one. While considering a purchase of any hand truck one should always consider handling types, wheels and its capability of climbing stairs since while moving any object it should not be a hard task that needs a lot of energy and time.

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