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Lens are eyeglasses that assist in capturing a detailed photograph at any degree by just zooming in or out depending on a distance one is taking a shot. There are various lenses available for smartphones for anyone to choose from depending on the make of your phone whether it is an iPhone or an Android. Most of us always go for the best camera while shopping for a smartphone since it enables them to capture good photos whenever they are, instead of carrying a bulky camera.

10. Elecguru Universal

Elecguru Universal

This is a universal lens which works so well with different smartphones with a clip, wide angle, macro and fish-eye lens for very clear photos even when the object is tiny. The lens is made of high quality imported approved glass with a coated surface making it easier to view the images on your phone as magnified. The lens enables one to capture a wide area very clear within a wide area.

9. Vorida 12X

Vorida 12X

This item is flexible making it easier to capture sharp pictures of even very tiny objects with the assistance of its 12X telephoto. It has a high approved by opticians’ glass which reduces reflection and glare as it improves the transmission of light to get quality images. The lens has a soft rubber clip which is detachable to enable you to adjust it leaving no mark on the phone. The lens is compatible with various phones.

8. Amir


Amir is a two in one lens which comes with an adjustable light which when switched one gives different levels of brightness from high, medium and low. It is capable of enlarging the coverage area providing complete coverage with ease without leaving any object. It comes with a detachable clip which is compatible with various makes of phones. The lens gives a detailed, explicit photos that always look admirable.

7. FunLens


Have a great front and back cameras with this product for instantly sharing photos and is compatible with various phones. The fun comes with several lenses in one case ranging from connecting, telephoto, circular polarized, fisheye, macro and wide-angle lenses to sharp photos. The lenses are durable and made from high-quality aluminum to offer several functions like eliminating reflection lights, distance shooting at a broad range while you need to take a group picture.

6. Morenitor


Get this compatible lens which is very simple to use, with an adjustable telescope, universal clip, and in every package there is a lens, clip, cleaning cloth and instruction note on how to use it. It has a great case, light in weight that makes it perfect to carry around for great shots. It also has a long, high vision firmness for quality pictures with its telephoto. The lens is simple and easy to use.

5. Apexel 4 in 1

Apexel 4 in 1

Apexel is a great lens with each purchase comprises of telephoto, fisheye, macro and wide-angle lenses together with an app to enable you to share your photos instantly. It delivers excellent quality pictures in different shapes ranging from round and bowl scenes. Its removable clip attached to the camera can also be used as a telescopic lens to viewing distant sceneries or games correctly. Its macro captures great close objects.

4. Amir 2 in 1

Amir 2 in 1

This item is made from high-quality glass together with high-grade aluminum which is durable and looks very classic. It works with various makes of phones and tablets anywhere giving you bright photos for future memories. It has a great look with a black circle layer of aluminum for capturing clear photos at a distance. It minimizes glare, reflection, and artifacts to give explicit photos that look like the one taken with a real camera.

3. Amir 3 in 1 Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Amir 3 in 1 Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Amir is wide to enable one take pictures at a large range without any difficulty or worries of omitting other objects with incredible images that are admired and stunning. It is updated o enable any user to take close shots of a small object which comes out very clear. The lens is compatible with various phones with a bold touch and great experience of using your phone to take a shot with enough details.

2. AUKEY Ora


Have the best combination for taking good photos while traveling where there is different scenery, like landscape since it gives a detailed and unique photo. It’s micro lens offers closer to an object giving an unobstructed beautiful view of any object. It is made of high-quality aluminum coated with glass to help minimize reflection, a flare that incurs while taking your shots. It also has a detachable clip which is adjustable and leaves no mark to your device after use.

1. Amir 3 in 1

Amir 3 in 1

Amir has a wide angle that enables you to identify difference scenes to choose a great shot capturing all the objects with ease by just expanding its view. It is professionally made by a high-quality glass that reduces reflections and any glare giving clear pictures. The lens itself is detachable and easy to move around with and is compatible with various phones and tablets. It comes when the fisheye and macro lens are attached.


Since lens adds versatility to photography, it is more economical to purchase them for use on your smartphones which we always carry along as we visit various places for a great memory. The photos remind most of us of creativity and views of most places we visit.

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