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Below are radar detectors that offer a long range warning against wideband as well as X-band radar. They eliminate other sources to focus on relevant radar information to provide you with information that you need. We have used GPS technology during the production of these products to eliminate false alerts that are unique to most drivers automatically.

10. Beltronics Radar Detector

Beltronics Radar Detector

Beltronics radar detector is supercharged with a powerful digital signal processing that finds far-reaching threats exceedingly fast. The radar is powerful and digitally isolates real signals from false alert with quick, cunning rigor. It is fitted with a defender that informs you of thousands of red light and speed camera locations in North America. Comes fully loaded with everything you need to take the freedom of the road back to normal. It is designed using GPS technology that learns your route and automatically eliminates false alerts unique to your drive.

9. Passport Radar Detector

Passport Radar Detector

This is a high-performance laser sensor that offers a long range warning against wideband and X-band radar. We can assure you that the product contains POP mode that automatically detects radar guns for added awareness of instant-on radar. It eliminates other sources to focus on relevant radar information to provide you with information that you need. There is an auto mute function that reduces the volume for quiet operation during long radar encounters. Bar graph and expert meter let you organize information the way you like for easy monitoring.

8. Long Range Radar Laser Detector

Long Range Radar Laser Detector

Here comes the high performing long range radar laser detector that possesses early warning and fast response on all radar bands. It has a superior sensitivity on all conventional and instant-on radar bands plus maximum laser range and off-axis coverage. Multiple laser sensors provide warning of speed monitoring threats. We have designed it using a proprietary anti-false design that uses power to learn and automatically reject fixed position false alarms. It has a sophisticated system that automatically reduces false alert from moving in-vehicle.

7. Cobra Electronics Radar Detector

Cobra Electronics Radar Detector

Cobra electronics radar is a small size device that performs big even beyond expectations. It detects all radar, laser guns and cameras in the industry’s smallest footprint. Reduces frustration of false alerts with digital processing technology and also takes you to the next level of accurate radar detection. It gives you real time alert to upcoming speed, live police activity as well as caution area that is reported by other iradar users. The complex algorithms take massive amounts of historical user data and distill it into a threat level for your vehicle.

6. Escort Max Radar Detector

Escort Max Radar Detector

Escort Max radar detector adds a directional indication to your award-winning max detector line. It provides drivers with extreme range, state of the art response time and directional alert display. We have fitted it with front and rear antennas that scan all directions rapidly harnessing the lightning-fast focus. Escort Max protects drivers beyond conventional radar and laser threats by preloading our defender database of thousands of red light. Have directional arrows that display the location of threats and quality of signals plus real-time speed limit data.

5. Solo Cordless Radar Detector

Solo Cordless Radar Detector

No other detector provides the portable convenience and protection of this product. We can assure you that it’s easy to own and operate this product at the convenience of your room. It is ideal for the traveler who I constantly in and out of rental cars or those who want the easiest way to use protection. The product uses only a fraction of power by conventional corded detectors to do the work. It is fitted with a new low-battery warning circuit that keeps a constant watch on the condition of the batteries.

4. RedLine Radar Detector

RedLine Radar Detector

Redline radar detector is the most sensitive detector on the market that has been engineered by highly qualified engineers. We can assure you that Redline provides the longest range for every signal out there. It’s designed using twin-antenna design that allows it to maximize performance by the band, to give you the longest warning possible. We have used total shield technology to make the redline completely invisible to radar detectors.

3. Whistler High-Performance Laser Radar

Whistler High-Performance Laser Radar

Whistler high-performance laser radar is a professional grade detector that has been designed to the grueling specifications of professional drivers. This brings you some of the most advanced radar detectors on the market. They offer Maxx coverage to reduce the annoyance of false alert and quiet mode to silence audio alerts. The safety warning system keeps the driver informed of highway safety where transmitters are located.

2. Passport Black Radar Detector

Passport Black Radar Detector

Passport black radar detector is an improved model with sophisticated new looks and includes a travel case. It provides extreme detection range on all police radar, and it’s more convenient than original passport and detectors. The advanced technology used allows for a wide detection range which provides a maximum range with minimum false alarms. This passport includes our proprietary traffic sensor rejection software to eliminate false alerts.

1. Red Display Radar Detector

Red Display Radar Detector

Red display radar detector delivers extreme long-range warning on all radar bands. It is fitted with multiple fronts and rear sensors to provide 360-degree laser protection. It is power intelligence to provide permanent relief from false alarms including automatic door openers as well as motion sensors.


Above are the radar detectors that can be connected at the same time and the same height with your new 9500ix. We can assure you that this detector will always alert you in advance to achieve all your dreams. The products are sold at a friendly price, and we are sure that any working class person can afford them.

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