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Safety while cycling in busy city streets is very important. We recommend that you should be on your helmet every time you are cycling. You can get well fitting helmets from us. Our helmets are so classic, high quality and light enough. Choose from the many varieties we are selling and place an order. Here is a review of the best ten helmets, take an overview to get information for each brand.

10. Pro-Tec City Lite Bike Helmet

Pro-Tec City Lite Bike Helmet

This helmet is lighter than all others in the market. It is designed specially with a soft liner to absorb hard impacts for added protection. Its outer shell is hard to increase its durability. With this helmet, you can cycle safely at night or in inclement weather as it has a four mode LED on the back to increase visibility. There is also a plush wrap on the liner that prevents dripping sweat, thus you stay dry. Additionally, the helmet has large vents to keep you cool.

9. Zacro Cycle Helmet

Zacro Cycle Helmet

Enjoy bicycle riding even at night or in inclement weather. Zacro Cycle Helmet is the best you can ever secure your head with. It is light, thus adds no burden to the head of the rider. It also has foam material that absorbs impact so that you remain safe. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap that meets all the satisfactions of the rider. Air ventilation is well enhanced as the helmet has an aerodynamic design.

8. CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet is safe for your riding. It is of tough and durable material so as to give a long lasting service. In addition, it is equipped with side straps to make it adjustable to different head sizes. It has a material foam that resists impact and protects the head. Besides, the helmet is well ventilated by several large vents and the aerodynamic design. Its light weight makes riding comfortable experience.

7. Crazy Mars Helmet

Crazy Mars Helmet

Are you not yet decided on the helmet brand to buy? Well, this is the best one which suits you. Crazy Mars Helmet is equipped with all features that provide maximum protection. To keep the rider dry, the helmet has removable sweat chin pad that absorbs sweat. Additionally, it has a removable visor that provides shade for the eyes. Hard impacts are absorbed by foam material.

6. Critical Cycles Helmet

Critical Cycles Helmet

Critical Cycles Helmet is all you need. It provides maximum impact absorption so that you are safe in case of a crash. It has well-placed vents to provide airflow and to regulate temperature. This helmet makes you stay dry as it has a dew collecting interior pad to stop sweat and eliminate grime and odor. Therefore you stay fresh and free from irritation. The package includes two sets of interchangeable pads to provide a custom fit.

5. JBM Bike Helmet

JBM Bike Helmet

It is a special helmet that lives to serve you the same way it serves you the first day. It provides maximum protection of your head. The helmet can be adjusted to fit different head sizes and can be used by both men and women. Additionally, it is equipped with tough and durable foam material for impact absorption and protecting the head in case of a crash. Its ventilation and aerodynamic design enhance good air circulation.

4. Bell Thalia Bike Helmet

Bell Thalia Bike Helmet

This helmet can self-adjusts to provide proper fit all the time. It is an excellent helmet that provides cycling comfort even in sunny weather. It has several vents to provide cool air circulation. Besides, it has a sweat absorbing pad that keeps you dry throughout the riding session. The elastic fit band makes the helmet fit children. Also, it is light weight, therefore, no burden is added to the head.

3. Schwinn Intercept Helmet

Schwinn Intercept Helmet

Your safety must be guaranteed when cycling. Only Schwinn Intercept Helmet provide safety. This helmet has amazing features that will give a wonderful ride. It has an adjustable webbing strap for a comfortable fit under your chin. Besides, it has a dial fit adjustment system to give a custom fit. Air flow is fully enhanced by contoured vents and perspiration is controlled by heated sealed pads. It also has a snap for sun protection.

2. Giro Revel Helmet

Giro Revel Helmet

Riding is an enjoyable activity. However, your head should be protected. Giro Revel Helmet guarantees maximum security when cycling. First, it provides full coverage shell to ensure your head is safe. It has a compact design and is light enough not add burden to the head. Its breezy ventilation consists of large vents to facilitate airflow. Additionally, it has soft foam material that absorbs impact. You must enjoy riding if you buy this helmet.

1. Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

We have brought the helmet that meets all your expectations. Schwinn Thrasher Helmet has a dual fit adjustable design. It has integrated flow vents for enhanced air ventilation. Furthermore, the helmet has wicking pads for absorbing sweat, thus the rider stays dry. Whichever weather you are riding in, this helmet has a built-in visor to provide shade. Riding is made an enjoyable activity with this helmet since it has an easy-to-adjust webbing.


We love and care for your road safety. That’s why we bring to you the best helmets. These helmets are unique and it’s not easy to get such from other places. Take care, there are people out there who may want to exploit you. To be sure, just place your order by clicking the respective link and get the quality you deserve. We never would like you to fall into the hands of the exploitive men.

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