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Selfie drones are great for filming beautiful landscapes and also taking selfies. They are now overtaking the selfie sticks because of their advanced features. Enjoy and have fun wherever you go. We provide various drones brands from different reputable companies. Most of our drones are portable and the quality is high. Here is an overview of the drones we provide.

10. SKEYE Nano Selfie Drone

SKEYE Nano Selfie Drone

This is one of the smallest and advanced drones in the world. It is easily portable, therefore you can take with you wherever you go. The drone has the ability to fly precisely as it has a compact frame design. Amazingly, you can control the drone through an Android app connected to your smartphone. No required skill for using this device, even kids can use it. It also has functions which allow you to fly the drone instantly and land safely.

9. Vinciph RC Drone

Vinciph RC Drone

Good news for you here! No more use of selfie sticks because a powerful drone is here with us. Vinciph RC Drone has foldable aerofoils which make fit in your pocket and walk with it everywhere. The drone can be controlled using your tablet. It also enables you to take live videos and aerial videos and photographs with your smartphone. Moreover, you can fly your drone and still control the flight so that the drone lands safely.

8. EACHINE E52 Drone


Here is the selfie drone of your dream. EACHINE E52 Drone is high quality and durable drone that give amazing photo and video experiences. It has a Wi-Fi camera that captures and records every wonderful moment. It is light, therefore easy to carry anywhere you go. The drone has four channel which enables you to control the direction or side of flight. It does not suffer from interference when flying.

7. Alonea JJRC H37 Drone

Alonea JJRC H37 Drone

Alonea JJRC H37 Drone is brand new and its quality is incomparable. It is operated by a powerful lithium battery. It can fly for almost eight minutes and its stability is maintained. It also does not face air resistance and you can control the direction you what it fly. Additionally, it has a key to roll. The drone can be alternatively be controlled using the Wi-Fi if the remote is absent.

6. Nesee Drone

Nesee Drone

Greetings! You can now take quality photos by yourself without the use of selfie sticks. Here is the best and quality selfie drone. It uses lithium battery which takes only one hour to charge. The drone is controlled using a remote, but in its absence, you can use wifi. You can fly the drone in any direction for a maximum of eight minutes. It is safe while flying and landing. In need of one? Order one now.

5. ROVA Flying Selfie Drone


ROVA Flying Selfie Drone

Have you been looking for the best and quality selfie drone? ROVA Flying Selfie Drone is what you want. Its compact design makes it durable and easy to carry. It has a 12mp camera with inbuilt flash so as to capture perfect and high-resolution photographs. It can also fly confidently because it has inbuilt obstacle avoidance and enclosed propeller to reduce air resistance. This drone can fly for up to sixteen minutes. It is operated by two batteries.



Enjoy every moment in life by buying this unique selfie drone. It can capture excellently, live photos and videos that are stable. It is one of the smallest drones in the market, therefore light and easily portable. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful HD camera that has a multi-directional view. It can confidently fly because it has functionalities that help it avoid obstacles. You can carry it anywhere you go because it has a compact design and light. It is durable too.

3. ZEROTECH Selfie Drone

ZEROTECH Selfie Drone

This selfie drone is compatible with all Android phones, iPads, iPods and iPhones. It is small, therefore can fit in your pocket and you can carry it anywhere you go. It is great and easy to fly. Its quality is great and incomparable. The drone can fly against the air direction. And takes quality photos and videos. The package comes with a battery charger and power adapter. Get this done at a lower price and have fun with your friends.

2. JJRC Selfie Drone

JJRC Selfie Drone

JJRC Selfie Drone is one of the most powerful and advanced drones in the market. It can be controlled using the Wi-Fi or remote. The drone has an aerobatic flight that makes it rotate in various directions to give a spectacular performance. There is more fan when using this drone at night because it has LED light that makes it look like a shining star. The drone is also equipped with three speed modes, fast, medium and low.

1. EACHINE E50 Selfie Drones

EACHINE E50 Selfie Drones

Here is selfie drone of your choice. EACHINE E50 Selfie Drone has amazing features that make it be ranked the best. It has an adjustable camera so as to provide more shooting angles. The drone can also be folded to fit in your pocket and make it lighter. It has rolling functionalities, thus it can flip and roll in different angles. The drone has stable flight and lands safely. Get to enjoy moments with this durable drone.


Are you planning to buy a selfie drone? Don’t waste your time wandering, just come for the original from us. Our drones meet all your expectations and we sell them at an affordable price. You can also share wonderful moments with your friends on social media as the drones all you to post pictures easily. We assure you that you will have fun to the fullest.

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