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USB car charger gives convenience while on the road so that one never runs out of charge on their favorite devices. Their construction is robust and sturdy so that it can be simple to move around with them. Other distinct attributes have been given in this list that you can opt to explore. Apart from the design, the quality should also be top notch so that you have an item that will give a long service life. This is the place you will find them, and I have made the work hassle-free. Read on, and you won’t miss one that meets your demands.

10. Sngg



This product has a multi-annular design of appearance that allows one to pull it out of the car power outlet more quickly. It has an intelligent circuit design that protects it from over current, overcharging, short circuit and overheating. The dual USB ports that it has each offers 3.1A giving a device the much-needed juice quickly. Sngg has a broad compatibility with popular mobile devices including iPhone 7/7 Plus.

9. iClever


The Smart ID technology that this item has been equipped with makes it recognize a device quickly and maximize the charging efficiency. It has been built with an aluminum uni-body which is a combination of hardness and excellent heat dissipation. Have an easy time plugging it thanks to the pearl shaped deadly shrapnel. Keep your device safe at all times using it has it has multiple reliable protection against surge, overcharging and over temperature.

8. Wireless Finest

Wireless Finest

Know the status of the charge with this car charger that has LED indicator light. The output current from its dual ports is 3.1A. Ensure that your battery never overcharges because it has a smart chip which has a short circuit protection. Wireless Finest is compatible with various USB powered devices. Enjoy fast charging for multiple devices with the iSensor that auto detects the devices plugged into it and generated maximum output power.



Utilize the top Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 port that this item has that is four times faster than traditional chargers. It can be used with all Qualcomm fast charge technology. It also charges non-QC devices at maximum speed. The smart charging technology will ensure that all your charging needs are met. The package also includes a USB C to USB A cable so one can start using it right away.

6. Anker


Take 35minutes charging quick charge device using this product while the non-quick charge devices will get fastest possible charge with power IQ and Voltage Boost. All power hungry phones will be treated with the dual ports that have an output of 39W. The unique design is attractive with a soft LED light that will help you locate it quickly at night. The sleek finish that it has will give you convenience. Anker works with a broad range of phones.

5. Anker


This car charger has an output of 36W with dual ports both with double quick charge. It has been equipped with advanced charging technology so that it offers high performance. For the non-quick devices, it gives 2.4A per port with the power IQ and voltage boost technology to charge them efficiently. The zinc alloy body makes it durable with a LED ring that makes it easier to use in low light conditions.

4. RAVPower


This is a compact and sturdy aluminum body product that comes with a powerful 4.8A punch. It has dual ports that give 2.4A each even to the most demanding devices so as to keep one connected. Have a safe charging experience with it thanks to the iSmart technology and the constant voltage that works to give the optimal current. However, it doesn’t support Qualcomm quick charge. Its price is pocket-friendly.



Have a robust item that adjusts to match the unique needs of all your USB devices with Aukey. It has Aipower adaptive technology that supports a healthier battery function and a fast USB charging speed. Charge gadgets simultaneously on its dual ports that give 5V 2.4A each. It is a flush fit, and one can turn an unused cigarette lighter outlet in their car into two powerful USB charging ports.

2. Anker


Give both you and your devices a complete safe item for charging by choosing this car charger that has a multiple protection secure system. It is small and has a compact design. It has been equipped with advanced charging technology so that it offers high performance. For the non-quick devices, it gives 2.4A per port with the power IQ and voltage boost technology to charge them efficiently. Get it and be connected.

1. Maxboost


This bestselling item has been designed with a double injected frame that comprises a polycarbonate inner layer coupled with a flexible external molding of TPU. The design makes it have a soft grip for a comfortable feel when one is holding it. The dual ports identify devices quickly and easily so that it can provide optimal charging efficiency. The max boost intelligent circuit design protects against overcharging and overheating


Do not miss out on having an incredible USB car charger that delivers on functionality, quality, and performance by deciding to order the ones in this article. With the unique designs that are here, you will be able to find one that you love. Order with confidence.

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