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WIFI extenders are a technology that’ll help you improve the strength of your signal connection. It helps you to extend the signals to every room in your home and the surrounding. When you use the rooters alone, you’ll have a lot of challenges in maintaining the strength of the signals. The extenders don’t work by replacing the rooters. Instead, the two work together to make the original signal powerful. One characteristic of WIFI extenders is the idea that they work as stereo amplifiers.

Extenders use electrical power to increase the strength of the WIFI signal from the rooter. They then transmit the amplified signal into the air. The extenders do come with two antennas. One is for capturing the signal, and the other is for transmitting the signal. WIFI extenders do also come with other names such as repeaters and boosters. Below is a list of top ten best WIFI extenders you should consider purchasing from the market.

10. 1200 Mbps, 2.4 GHz WIFI Range Extender

1200 Mbps, 2.4 GHz WIFI Range Extender
The device offers a wireless WIFI coverage within a 360 degrees cover. It offers a speed of 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz. That makes it perfect for streaming HD Videos. You should install this device between your desired area and the router. The extender is compatible with 99% of the router designs in the market. The two Ethernet ports make the extender connectable with a smart TV, game console, multimedia player, among other home devices. It also comes with a repeater mode, which helps in extending the WIFI coverage.

9. N300 TP-Link WIFI-Extender

N300 TP-Link WIFI-Extender
The product is an excellent choice as it’s compatible with any router in the market. The LED lights help in identifying the strategic position of placement. The device is easy to install and offers a stable internet connection. It also comes with two external antennas, one for improved range and the other one for the standard range. It features a Gigabit Ethernet port used to connect your home devices to the high-speed internet. The extender does also comes with a two-year warranty.

8. 1200Mbps Black Wireless Repeater

1200Mbps Black Wireless Repeater
The dual-band technology of the device increases the stability of the WIFI signals. It offers 300mbps and 867 Mbps for 2.4GHz and 5GHz, respectively, and that reduces the loss of data in transmission. It also covers 360-degree to reach all the corners of your house. The setup of the device is simple and is compactable, with 99% of the routers in the market. It also comes with the LED light indicators that will notify you when you realize the perfect spot to place the extender.

7. 2.4 + 5GHz Dual Band Extender

2.4 + 5GHz Dual Band Extender
The device is suitable for use with any modem, router, and AP. It gives you strong WIFI signals in all the rooms of your house. The small size does make it easy to carry the extender around. It also has a built-in plug that makes it easy to connect and disconnect. The LED light indicators do help you locate the perfect placement area for the extender. You can connect it with different devices in your home. Note that, you can purchase the product from RuiyaoTech Products only.

6. AC1200 Dual-Band Mini Extender

AC1200 Dual-Band Mini Extender
The product comes with four antennas with high sensitivity ability. It has 12 times the ability to send WIFI signals even to the outdoors, and therefore, covers your whole home. It allows connections for multiple devices at once. It comes with a simplified installation process, with the LED light indicators helpful in identifying strong areas. The Ethernet port allows the connection of the wired devices to access high-speed internet. Use it with your TV, Multimedia player, online gaming, among other devices.

5. Comfast AC1200 Extender

Comfast AC1200 Extender
The product is one of the best for outdoor connections. It offers 867mbps for 5GHz and 300mbps for 2.4GHz, strong enough to stream high-quality HD videos. The two high gain antennas help to send the signals to wide geographical coverage in 360-directional coverage. It supports the bridge, router, and AP modes, making it suitable for multiple functions. It’s weatherproof to ensure that it continues to function in all weather conditions. It also comes with a simple installation process with Ethernet support.

4. Linksys AC1900

Linksys AC1900
It’s one of the modern designs that eliminate all WIFI dead zones and boosts AC internet connection around your home. It’s compatible with Multi-User MIMO and all routers in the market. The installation and setup process is easy to follow. The dual-band technology increases the speed to AC1900. Its small size makes it easy to carry around. It also comes with gained enhanced speed to connect your smart TV, Blu ray player, and gaming console using the Ethernet ports.

3. Linksys AC3000 Extender

Linksys AC3000 Extender
The product features an automatic upgrade system that keeps the system up to date. It also features a tri-band speed of up to AC3000, which is 3-xs faster than the dual-band Wi-Fi extenders. It reaches up to 10, 000 sq feet area, making sure that it covers your entire home. It is suitable to work with any router and the Multi-User MIMO routers. You can pair the max stream router with the range extender to activate seamless roaming.

2. NetGear Wi-Fi Mesh Extender

NetGear Wi-Fi Mesh Extender
The repeater covers up to 2500 sq feet to reach out to every room of your house. You can connect it with over 50 devices such as laptops, speakers, tablets, among others. It offers seamless smart roaming by using the SSID name. It also comes with AC3000 internet speed using the tri-band in conjunction with the patented FastLane technology. It’s compatible with all wireless routers, cable modem, and gateway. It also comes with Ethernet ports that you can use to connect your smart TV, or for game consoles.

1. NetGear Orbi Mesh Extenders

NetGear Orbi Mesh Extenders
The device offers high-performance for outdoor internet connection. The IP66 technology makes it weather-resistant, and therefore, you can use it for outdoor connectivity whatsoever. It offers connectivity within 2500sq feet area around your home. The award-winning extender offers the fastest WI-FI speed available. It offers seamless streaming both indoors and outdoors. You can use one Wi-Fi name for all the devices. It moves the data quickly with a 1.7 Gbps. It is the best you can find in the market.


There are a lot of these Wi-Fi extenders in the market, but the above ten are the best. They are good at high speed and connect with almost any, if not all, the routers. They do also offer multiple functions with different devices. Consider purchasing any among them, and you’ll not regret their services.

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